Odiorne Point State Park, Rye, New Hampshire
Photograph: Mary Louise Marion, Hampton, New Hampshire

Morning found us calmly unaware Noon burn gold into our hair
At night we swim the laughin’ sea When summer’s gone Where will we be?
Songwriters: Robbie Krieger; John Densmore; Jim Morrison; Ray Manzarek

The Platonic Fold is the explosive boundary where the Platonic
enters in contact with messy reality, where the gap between what you
know and what you think you know becomes dangerously wide
Nassim Nicholas Taleb; The Black Swan; © 2007 by Random House, Inc.

By Richard E & Mary L Marion

They were two yet one. Irreversible
Hands embracing softly squeezing familiarly inevitably
Ocean gravitation transitional wonder seamless un-pixelated; immeasurably powerful
A shuttered eyelid, tattered breath, or neural pinging would make the scene come alive
That’s when the Magic kicked in
They left for home renewed. Bearing strength illumination resolution
It’s why they came here. This place by the Sea

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Richard E Marion

Richard E Marion
Aesthetics • Bicycling • Culture • Design

Sep 2013 – Present
Security Officer (On-Call) for McRoberts Protective Agency Inc., Woburn MA
Property, Vehicle, Staff, and Client Safety. Commercial, Construction, and Hotels

Jun 2012 – Jun 2012
PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Design Temp, Short-Term @ KAW/USA, Nashua NH
Design Rework for Local PCB Electronics Hardware & Fabrication Subcontractor

Sep 2011 – Oct 2011
PCB Design Consultant @ TechBridge Solutions, Inc., Chelmsford MA
Revisions, Design Cleanup, Manufacturing Data & Documentation for PCB Service Bureau

May 2006 – Jul 2010
PCB Design Contractor @ Analog Devices, Inc., Wilmington MA Extended-Term Contract for Global ATE (Automated Test Equipment) Manufacturer

Apr 2005 – May 2006
Security Officer Full-Time for Reliable Security Agency @ MHT Airport, Manchester NH Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. Customer & Delivery Screening, Vehicular Traffic

Mar 2003 – Apr 2005
PCB Design Consultant @ Solid PCB (NH Registered TradeName), Sandown NH Self-Employed Collaborator for JETprotect Corporation, San Jose, CA (Telecommuting)

Jul 1989 – Mar 2003
PCB Design Manager @ Datacube, Incorporated, Danvers MA Directed Electro-Mechanical Packaging & Manufacturing for Machine Vision Company

Sep 1968 – Jun 1969
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Boston MA Certification in Drafting Room Practice & Engineering Graphics

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REM – Short – Nov11


Atlantic Ocean, Ocean Boulevard, Hampton NH USA

Winter Crows Roosting Brooding
Wolven Winds Screaming
Highwaymen Scheming

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MCX – Cycle – Jul22


MT Agamenticus, York, Maine versus Sky Pilot
Rescued by Bicycle Shaman Mike Conlon

Sky Pilot, A.K.A. This Writer should know better by now…

Diesel Dark is a Custom Bicycle Build by Mike Conlon who performs magic at Berger’s Bike Shop in York Maine, USA.

The Machine is approaching mechanical perfection. A strong rider could make it to the summit of Mt Agamenticus with its wide-range 1:1 rear gearing. Shaman Mike made this ride on his classic steel bike with fenders and lighting!

Sky Pilot is not as strong as he thought. He could blame it on incipient antiquity, or the heavy 42-MM puncture resistant tires, or the few remaining weighty OEM Parts that will be replaced, or the tall wheels. But. He MUST get stronger AND weigh less. Fortunately…

Shaman Mike saved this day. There’s now a little Granny Gear cog in that first Chainwheel location that wasn’t there before. Sky Pilot, the Old Guy, subsequently made it to the top with his new 18 Gear-Inch bottom ratio. It’s a KEEPER.

Right Now per Mike’s recommendation, The Sky Pilot will ‘manual move’ the chain from the 32-t Chainwheel to the 20-t Granny in Mountain Land. Because, even an elderly operator [managing a ‘Big Scary Security Guard’ persona] has no problem using just the middle ring and top five gears in Hampton NH. But…  it’s that ‘Gearhead’ affliction…

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MCX – Cycle – Jun10


Custom Bicycle Build – Design & Specification by Mike Conlon – York ME USA

1984 Trek 890 – first of the hybrids. Custom rehab…

There’s always that sentimental bike, roadside find, barn bike, or bike-manna from Heaven of a bike that falls into your life. Maybe with beat parts, but a hidden gem. This is one of them.

The 1984 Trek 890 is a first and rare stab at the hybrid bike, manufactured  in low quantities for one year only. Hand-brazed in the USA. Road-bike Reynolds 501 steel tubing and lug construction with extended chainstay mtn bike geometry, Came stock with a rear rack; this current Custom Rehab klunker is begging for a front Wald basket. Or gear it  back up for a comfy, stable ride across the USA…

New cruiser coaster brake wheels, grips, tires, tubes, saddle, pedals, chainring, pintle half-link chain; vintage Trek 890 frameset, seatpost, stem, handlebars, crane-style bell, cranks; rebuilt headset and bottom bracket. This thing was stripped to the frame and professionally rebuilt with new and vintage parts.

$200.00 Affordable customs. Includes box of OEM take-off parts. Diacompe brakes/levers; Suntour Cyclone derailleurs and the like.

This bike for sale – what YOU got for Custom Rehab…?

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REM – Story – May27

140204_0002DChapter Four
Orange Sky Black Jet
Richard E Marion

Phillip K contained the Fear. Maximum Strength Fear. Corporeal within the Black Jet deep inside Level Zero of  the Arielle Facility, Phillip K noted three layers of shielding did not attenuate the Fear-Flow whatsoever. Collating Data: the source was Louise Dee. She would be either flash-frozen or exploded into bits. The Fear must be gone at all costs.

Phillip K was an Exolinguist; parsing their speech patterns, concluding the Human Language although inexact and smudgy, expressed the dumb beasts rather eloquently. It turned out the Sea Sprites; migrant wraiths much more familiar to Phillip K, were not the supreme life-form after all! These mud-people had dominion. Bad. Very bad.

The three creatures he [It began calling Itself ‘He’] identified as Louise Dee, Randall Dee, and Michael Matheson. They continued moving toward Phillip K and Black Jet. An audible spectrum seeped through the transparent ports of the Black Jet, thankfully less intrusive than the painful green illumination burning. Openings at their top sections moved in sync.

They proceeded without mechanical assistance. Quite gracefully! He would leave his Machine, Black Jet; shrink it and store it away. Black Jet might be harmonically increasing the tonal and visual emissions. He was sent to study them first, after all. Then kill them.

There was no dishonor retreating until he gathered strength enough to finish them off. Leary [before transfiguring into Black Jet] suggested removing the three primitives, along with their identical twins so-called Synthetics, might be enough to tip the delicate balance. Didn’t they protrude ‘like sore thumbs’? Stop their plague of darkness. Cleanse.

Lilly inside his mind: a softly soothing string symphony. Overlaying, nullifying these three’s primitive patterings. Lilly and Leary… It required the two of them to manage Black Jet complexification in this sector. GET OUT!

Phillip K surveyed the Black Jet cabin; a suspended mass, floating in a thick dark viscous material; crumpled and shedding little pieces. It’s your body, Leary and Lilly informed him nonchalantly. The Earth-Beasts continued approaching. His partners mentioned a situation of dwindling resources, emotional stress, atrophy, and radiation problems en route to this world; and the workaround. Phillip K realized he was seeing his own body!

Phillip K had been installed inside a container made of soft slimy organic material, with an operating system of Earthly DNA and Metaprogramming distilled from the tiny but exceptional Louise Dee’s mind frequencies! In other words…

Phillip K was inside a Human Shell. Battered in transit, right after reconstitution, by unexpected G-Forces. Worse yet: the Louise Dee Database prepared by scanning at quicker than Light-Speed in an Orthogonal Universe, installed incompletely, corrupted.

Meaning… Phillip K inquired?  You are damaged. Leary and Lilly confirmed. There’s a Fixit Tool. Hide the Black Jet. Run away. We’ll ping you. A remedy algorithm. Wait.

Phillip K panicked, a human emotion! If you can’t? The Black Jet was gone. Leary and Lilly’s telepathic communion fading, crinkling; yet it calmed Phillip K: We always do.

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140509_0002ABicycle Computer

A Kind Friend gave The Pilot this Bicycle Computer. A meaningful gift, as The Pilot [a Cyborg] is curious how fast a Paranormal Custom Hot-Rod Machine designed to Climb Walls and speed across Hostile Territory will go, powered by an Entity with NO FEAR and EVEN LESS COMMON SENSE… We shall see. Thank You, Brother.

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