A Website about Words, Context, and Culture. A.K.A. Writing, Consciousness.

Writing can entertain, educate, inspire, and put food on the table. Writing must be done well. “How well,” depends on the application.

This writer is a beginner, green. “Dumb and Determined,” that’s the core mission statement right now.

A long time ago, this writer engaged in a trade known then as Engineering. It was, back then, a synergy of art, science, analysis, and teamwork. It paid well.

It was simple: wake up, dress up, show up, don’t scare anyone, don’t break anything, don’t be lazy. It wasn’t called WORK.

Something happened forty years later. Yes, Four-Zero-Years. 40. That something became a CATALYST. A STORY. Which should take less than another forty years.

INSPIRATION: Kevin O. McLaughlin. I only know him through his Website. That’s what Good Writing can do.


About Richard E & Mary L Marion

Independent Writers
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