Process is: PROTOCOL, …proper and correct… ETHICS, …the study of standards… LAWFUL, …obeying the law….

That final definition motivates the best. LAWS have the biggest TEETH. WordPress.COM Terms Of Service, will that suffice? Any other caveats?

Also, the handling and amount of Links, per this Wikipedia Page. Agree, disagree? Is the Link Question per se relevant? Does Wikipedia have a secret agenda; should this blogger know something about Wikipedia? Or would that be LAWFUL?

Last, the WordPress.COM “Visual Editor.” There are distinctions between Plain Text and MS Word Text; believe, it’s so…

What seems to work: 1. Use a “Plain Text” editor, 2. Paste into “Word Press Visual,” 3. Add the “Hyperlinks,” 4. “Proofread,” 5. “Preview.” Make sense? Redundant?

Tomorrow, a more intriguing topic. Promise.


About Richard E & Mary L Marion

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