Tools – R.00

At this office, there are 8 dictionaries. Four “book” and four “soft,” counting the WordPress Editor and the Kindle Reader. That’s not too many.

Here, tools are judged by portability, utility, quality, and user interface (UI). Eight dictionaries in 1000 square feet of living space is not overkill.

Is LUCK a tool? Metaphysically, yes. It weighs nothing. It’s always with you, good or bad. The utility of luck is that it lightens up decision-making. The quality of luck influences if the sun will be out at walking-time, and will there be chewing gum under your shoe when you return?

The user interface for luck? No documentation, purely intuitive, no RTFM. The more LUCK you practice, the more you get what you want. Good or bad.

Note, LUCK trumps ALL. For this blogger, BRAINS come in handy now and then, but only as a backup. Remember, tools work synergistically, especially while travelling light and speedily.

LUCK and BRAINS, in that order, are a start.

FRIENDSHIP implies some material connection, with certain exceptions: notably people capable of inter-dimensional communication. This is not necessarily a pun, nor intended as comedy. Everybody is different, very different. The blogger, for now, remains a friendly skeptic concerning matters spiritual. Is the Inter-Net material, or spiritual?

Travelling with a genuine FRIEND, physical or non-terrestrial, is always an advantage, no matter what the logistics happen to be. Don’t leave home without one.

EXPERIENCE. It is difficult to imagine a better 4-piece tool-kit to take with you anywhere minus experience. For example, once you step on a rusty nail, get infected with lockjaw (tetanus), and don’t die (luck AND medicine), you’ll be watching your step for LIFE…

If you have brains.

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