HyperChronism is a ten-dollar word for “Time Creep.” Time: “…past, present, future…” Creep: “…to come on gradually and almost unnoticed…” Webster’s New World © 2006 by Wiley Publishing.

Clichés such as “time flies,” “when I get to it,” et al, have been around a long time. Why the sudden need for a ten-dollar counterpart? Language is not static. When’s the last time you heard someone say “bughouse?” It’s in Webster’s.

While the blogger was watering the plants this evening one minute away from the Atlantic, a neighbor condo co-owner apologized for lack of “plant weeding.” Must have been his designated task. Someone had weeded the critical zones, a backup tasker? But… he felt bad, he was too “busy.”

“No problem, Unit X, it’s that new ten-dollar word.” “What?”

“HyperChronism.” Blank stare. 

“It means things are going faster than before. Why? Glad you asked. One, all of us are aging; each minute is a smaller part of our life. Two, there is more information available than before.” Unit X looks intrigued.

“Books, Radio, TV, Movies, Internet…” Unit X is REALLY OLD, born before the Internet. “Not enough bandwidth.” That last word was a problem. “All these things you can’t help thinking about, it’s because you’re ALIVE, it’s parallel processing…”

Unit X asks, “What’s parallel processing?” Blogger replies, “Touch a hot stove, you move your hand, you jump. Survival instinct. But it’s not really ‘parallel’ because you spilled your beer; same thing with information.” Unit X understands.

“Three, on the Cable TV and on the Internet? there’s an article about the quantum world; the Discovery Channel, well there’s Discovery News on the Net, and they’re reporting the sun is emitting a MYSTERY PARTICLE… Carbon-14, you know the scientists use it to tell how OLD things are, well Carbon 14 is acting differently.” Time’s running short… time for the wrap-up…

“Did you know there’s things called NEUTRINOS, and they pass THROUGH the earth? It’s part of the quantum world. You’ve heard of WIKIPEDIA? There’s WIKIBOOKS, too; there’s even one about ‘This Quantum World,’ a PDF.”

Unit X has just about had it: “Do you understand it?”

“Not completely, it’s deep. It’ll take some time.”


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