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Ask Jack P Rocket-Man…

“Jack P RocketMan” is the byline for a writer/philosopher that this blogger knows well. His comments are meant for entertainment only and provide no warranty.

This blogger’s “other friend,” (he has two) Bill, was a bit stressed:

Bill: I need a job. I apply to many, do you think I am being “filtered” based on over-qualification, under-qualification, age, or education? Where has my trade gone? Overseas? Do I exist? Do I matter? Am I even Alive?

JPRM: Dear Q, that’s SIX Questions. Five of them, I don’t know. The final question, Alive? You better be, or you’re wasting everybody’s time.

I was an American Rocket Propulsion Engineer. You talk like an Engineer, kinda stupid, you know? So let’s pretend we both were Professional Bottle-Cappers. In that trade, in this culture, anything we find is going to be TEMP. We might not get anything AT ALL, EVER AGAIN. Celebrate!

So, you wish to do something LOCAL? A lot of blame goes on the “Global Economy,” who knows? This theoretical job is nearby, so presumably: (A) there is some demand; (B) your work ethic, experience, and age become ADVANTAGES, not FILTERING PARAMETERS.

If, the “real job,” is GLOBAL… probably you can still compete, due to (A) and (B) above… PROVIDING it’s not a brick-and-mortar corporation (remember, no warranty on answers). The current situation is that the politicians, managers, and administrators are what eat up the profit. That’s why so many folks feel temporarily screwed…

Like the blogger said at the top of this Webpage, WRITING was for me. I did it mostly for FREE initially. I studied dictionaries, style manuals, philosophers, authors, books I like, books my wife, kids and grandkids like, and we watched movies WE ALL LIKE.

I learned about self-publishing versus the people who claim they can self-publish for you (contradiction). I read psychology books, quantum physics articles, and visited the religious and philosophical websites. Mostly, I read really weird and eccentric stuff that I LIKE!

Next, increase your “real work day” to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 HOURS. Discover that the harder you “try” the more impossible it is to figure it all out. You have to go insane first to find whatever advantages are left after that, and then what to do with them.

Act spiritual and/or uniquely intelligent, even if you are personally scum. Your own internal self-trickery will transform you into something different. Pretend (to yourself only) that you are René Descartes, William Blake, Aldous Huxley, Jesse Duplantis, Max More, Daniel Tammet. You won’t be THEM, but you’ll CHANGE! Believe it ENTIRELY, just saying it wastes air. Remain determined.

Any further Questions?

Jack P Rocket-Man


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