FIRE – R.00

Eclectic Commentary — No warranties expressed or implied.

“Remember when you were young… You shone like the sun… Shine on you crazy diamond…”

Gilmour, Waters, Wright, 1975


JPRM, nom de guerre Parsons, had broken away. Spotted striding forcibly and free. Flowing frigid windswept grayness Skyhaven NH USA sidling Aquamarine.

Shoals Isles North-East Summoning The Stars

Black boots, cell, keys, white spark for burning the highwaymen.

Remaining centered, avoiding unwittingly evil impersonators lurking in the deeper recesses. Parsons nevertheless is approached by one yet darker.

“What’s happening, deep dude?” “NaNoWriMo, Bro.”

“What’s it like, Ike?” “Harder than sapphire. Shines.”

“Where goes the world?”

 “Was Wake Up Show Up Celebrate Provide… Is Sunrise Tungsten Fire Deep Alive… Urbonas Coaster.”


“You were caught on the crossfire… Of childhood and stardom… Blown on the steel breeze…”

GWW — 1975



About Richard E & Mary L Marion

Independent Writers
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