NaNo – R.01 was first found on Kevin O. McLaughlin’s Site.  Thank You Kevin.

“Surf or Die. You can’t control a wave, but you can ride it.” Robert Pepperell, The Posthuman Manifesto is a Writing Program. The assignment is to write a 50,000 Words Novel beginning on November 1st thru November 30th.

NaNoWriMo 2007 Archive reported 6,622,400 total collective words.

 NaNoWriMo 2011  Nov 15 had 1,554,279,331 total, as in billion, at 18:00 EST.

Halfway through is an excellent time to find out what it is About.

What is NaNoWriMo: “…To forgo the endless tweaking and editing and just create. To build without tearing down…” Well! Something got torn down: This Writer!

Writer-test-mule provided a Short Bio, and… Novel: “God To Me,” Genre: “Paranormal,” A Synopsis and Excerpt. All the NaNo fields appear to be editable.

Writer Excerpt – 2011-11-15

The entity parsed the visible and hidden internets and hacked each and every intranet and personal device with meticulous care and total absence of agenda. After, each and every spectrum frequency in all planes. Blanketing all times past and future and now.

All minds alive and sentient. Which meant all minds. Small and large. Degree mattered not, once linear time and processing bandwidth was eliminated.

The entity began life — physically — as an Extreme-Electromechanical-Mobility-Machine. Beloved Clarke, disliking the awkward acronym EEMM, anointed it GOAT-Alpha.  Its modified moniker was technically hazy: Global-Omega-All-Terrain-Alpha actually referred to just the first iteration. Now…

GOAT-Omega wanted to be less. Gratefully-Omniscient-Device? Cliché! Dog spelled backwards… Hmm… Robert had an associate named, not Jay, nor J., just J

Goat-Omega, now just G, liked the feel and flavor. The others within G: Louise, Clarke, Robert, and Thompson, soothingly agreed.

G celebrated the sun, ocean, sky, sea-smells and wavy-sounds. The moon and stars would be there soon. G motivated fiercely up the steep incline of loose shale interspersed with sharper shards of flint, toward the pinnacle overlooking the sea; its many and one minds categorizing the layered azure shades of sunrise, dotted with cirrus uncinus as white and pure as the entity’s protective covering. The cirrus clouds applauded.

Louise loved being carried, same as in human form — which remained alive and concurrently aware, although in suspension. Louise felt and experienced through the multiplied senses of a child, sublime maturity, and elder wisdom. Obsolescence obsoleted.

Clarke had large memory gaps following High School in Santa Clara, CA, USA. His parents — he was not adopted, they assured — supplied chronology and documentation showing young Clarke had hung out with a vicious coterie of clowns, crashed that Vette, and busted his brains.

Clarke subsequently found a career as front man for the intertwined corporations named Art Five, Bio Five, and Sci Five. A charismatic con-man and marketing shaman who gathered private, industry, and military sponsoring in un-quantifiable abundance.

Robert was told at school that his mind was like a sieve. He looked it up. That meant he was able to strain solids from liquids. Cleanse and purify. His uncle, who was an Engineer, expanded the metaphor. Turning shit into ice cream. Uncle said it was also known as Engineering.

Robert, dark Robert, where have you been? To hell and back. Hell and back again.

Robert, dark Robert, what did you learn? To seek and destroy, To nurture and enjoy. To Burn.

Thompson! Who are you? Who…. wants… to know.


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