LIVE – R019

“The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others.”

C.G. Jung, 1875–1961

Vitor Weiss slept for the first time in his life. Its dissociative anesthesia masked that poverty of meaning, unanticipated anxiety and soul-crushing depression which began innocuously with his encounter of Aleister Parker who knew where to find the Corvette Automobile. Vitor should have known the rest… but how could he?

Last night, they clocked ninety along US Route 1A in that fabulous  2012 Corvette Grand Sport, shaded ebony darker than the velvet dome of stars raining titanium fire upon the land and sea. Vitor, after he returned to the Cliff-House asked Angela Weiss about the terrible visions he and newfound disciple Aleister Parker had witnessed projected on the clean clear windshield, freshly flawlessly manufactured of melted silica, cellulose and pale pigment.

Were frightful visions an automotive feature, or a software anomaly, Angela? Neither, Vitor. Then what? Synergy, destiny… And yes one more factor. That Machine. You passed it to Aleister, intuitively, to cheer him!

It worked through him and seeped into your very unique mind. He became an unwitting conduit, medium, channel. We knew the night would be an unprecedented event, it was designed that way. For you! When you handed The Machine to Aleister; it wasn’t according to our plans. Expectations. Luckily, Aleister turned out stronger — it did not fry his brain. We were shocked! For good or bad… not fair… but so. Aleister, still alive!

Monkey-Mind-Machine! That’s what you named it Vitor… An apt description. It was supposed to be for you only, Vitor. You were Engineered for It, and It for you. By Father and I!

Some things even Father can’t predict. We shall check Aleister in the morning, he’s an unknown factor… Were those tears Vitor saw in Angela’s ocean eyes? Didn’t she not know all things imaginable? Vitor gulped, dryly. His throat hurt like swallowing steel upholstery tacks.

Vitor had been manufactured, like the Corvette, it was dawning on him! Him, the car, the Mind-Machine; these all were not of humanity! The black car was merely a container, it had no consciousness of its own. Very much like the glass tumbler into which Angela had poured for Vitor the Polar Bear Seltzer chilling cold.

That Other Machine wasn’t made up of discrete components —  physically bonded; electrically wired; artistically molded & stitched — a technological tapestry. Monkey-Mind was a monolithic mystery. An evolutionary step ahead in simultaneous simplicity and complexity from that ‘Vette, as Aleister mistakenly referred to the beast of large wheels and raucous motion!

Monkey-Mind mutated its own form-factors, colors, textures, and temperature. Yet no physical result came from it that Vitor could discern, until subsequently passing it to Aleister… Vitor had acted upon guesswork and context, wishing to distract Aleister Parker who had transmuted from pretend courage to wretched sorrow in the very short time-span Vitor had known him…

It was a ploy Vitor expected would make for a rewarding evening… after all… they had a fast car, the sea, and fresh cool air scented of salt and sea creatures!

Monkey-Mind was a catalyst — like the SIG-Machine that he had presented to Aleister which subsequently made him scaredy-cat. But, the Monkey-Mind-Machine worked more awesomely, it changed them both! The missing ingredient was Aleister Parker, girlishly soft compared to Vitor who was more robust and gleefully violent like their ferocious motor wheels of darkness.

Aleister was more like dear Angela… neither synthetic nor powerful, but possessing a delicate yet noteworthy aesthetic. He, frail Parker, belonged to Angela’s kind. An earth-culture springing from two parents. Unlike Vitor Weiss — undisputedly identical to the “other” Vitor Weiss shown to him in the photograph alongside his Angela.

It was he, Vitor Weiss, which remained uncategorized.

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