Bicycle 3149A

Mission Statement:


Bought the Felt Cafe 7 Bicycle Summer 2012. Money and hope began to run really low around that time. The Machine; second only to Best Friend and Partner, Mary Louise; watches over shards of sanity in the badlands borders of decimated complacency and luminous future trekking.

He’s called “Diesel Dark.” Diesel averages a consistent 50 Miles per week, every week… Patrolling the Hampton NH terrain… We’ve ridden across the green steel drawbridge over Hampton Harbor down to the MA Border… Then West…

We’ve spun innumerable loops Southbound Ashworth to Northbound Ocean Blvd… Bisecting the baking August Sunshine and carving frigid Nor’Easters… Past Great Boar’s Head…  paralleling North Beach, steamrolling washed up sand, plants and sea-beasts.

Pausing at that Tall Sacred Place with the pristine mansions overlooking the Atlantic Sea.

Diesel is plain. Persistent rubber dutifully inflated. Downgeared to 35 Inches for hard hills and crushing wind gusts. Narrow flat mountain handle bars. At best; Diesel, aluminum, will weigh in the low ‘twenties. The rider, age 63 Years; lighter than decades of decadence.

This summer more local trips to Exeter, Portsmouth. Next, the tall hills in the Derry, Manchester area. After, there’s Pack Monadnock. Then, 2014’s Summer will be “Newton’s Revenge,” Mount Washington. That “Hill Climb” where, “what happens is people fall over…”

That is what will get us through 2013. That is our focus. We move it or lose it. Simple.

Hold Us To It.

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