Bicycle 3150A


Almost perfect day. Mid 80’s. Sunshine. Little [black] helicopter flies.

Rode Eastward on High Street which connects Lafayette Road US-1, to Southbound US-1A, to Hampton Harbor. It was a nice ride.

Mild hills and moderate headwinds. About twelve miles round trip. Too early for measuring human power wattage or even average speed. The bicycle is a 7-speed 13-28 combined with a 35t chainring (it came with a 38t). Gratefully the old motor (me) did not require 1st or 2nd…

There are some advantages to having your job sent away overseas… Sun’s out, no new road rash, ain’t dead. Cognitive.

Bicycle protocols: (1) Pay attention. (2) Reflexes + good brakes does not override gravelly ocean debris covered pavement. That was last month’s lesson… the road rash is gone now.

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