Bicycle 3157A


13-28 Freewheel      The Navigator        The Photographer

Diesel Dark the Bicycle is a work in progress. Cash is in short supply right now. Nothing exotic… A Seven-Speed 13-28 teeth Freewheel by Sunrace goes for about $30.00 give or take. The OEM Shimano Derailleur retails about the same. The Navigator conservatively rides a consistent 50 miles a week (or more) year-round. Maintenance protocol involves changing the Chain twice a year and hopefully the Freewheel once a year. Tough Tires. Trustworthy Brakes. Everything is easy to keep clean and adjust. Undramatic. Functional.

Front Chainwheel is currently a Surly 35 Stainless Steel 110 BCD non-ramped single. The Navigator is satisfied with a narrow 35-75 Gear Inch spread. No good for racing; but nice predictable ratios for rolling hills, pushy headwinds, and light cargo duty here in the Hampton NH Town and Seacoast. The Racing Roadies are courteous around here. Most of the Motor Drivers have been careful.

Bicycle & Navigator, photographed at the Lane Memorial Library on Academy Avenue in Hampton NH. Photography, unless otherwise specified, by Mary Louise Marion.

Here is a photograph we did not take:

 An RV Camper by Automotive Customizer Randy Grubb []
The Machine was crafted from a 1973 GMC Motorhome with a Big-Block American V8.

This is the Inspiration for Our Dream Machine (christened Christine). Christine exists in our minds and hearts. Approximately Thirty Feet. 1959 Thunderbird Turquoise. She is being designed to carry (predictably) two Bicycles (Diesel Dark and a Tandem who shall become Danielle), two Laptop Computers, and us. A dog named Jimmy Blue… Christine will parallel the Atlantic Sea. When we’ve covered the coastline; inland to the Mountains.

About Richard E & Mary L Marion

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