Bicycle 3159A

DSCN5842=3160CTropical Storm Andrea 2013-06-09

Tail end of Tropical Storm Andrea, Saturday June Eighth.

Night before wind outside howling sounding like a wolf convention. Navigator deterred by darkness blacker than fresh country road tar.

Torrents gigantically dense and swirling would have precluded breathing air ascending the apex  to the Tall Sacred Place, North of North Hampton State Park. Plenty enough to drown that earth-beast on a bicycle.

Morningtime… Cutting across two rolling miles of High Street, Hampton NH, like a guided missile closing in on the scent of Atlantic Sea and the Fresh Frigid Atmosphere. Energetically charging the top four cogs 13-15-17-19 spinning the world of rolling hills and green trees backwards in time.

That drop-off returning descending. The peak is very steep and the road shoulder openly hostile. Navigator embraced the velocity, acutely mindful of last month’s road rash crash incident at less than half the speed. Fat spinning circles of aluminum, air, and rubber clawing the pavement. Feathered the brakes confirming traction or lack of…

A world fabricated from a Dark Bicycle, Green Ocean, Gray Vapors. A Child’s World.

About Richard E & Mary L Marion

Independent Writers
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