Artwork 3169A

Artwork  —  Oils  And  Acrylic  By  Mary  L  Marion

Artwork-3169AThese three paintings were done by Mary Louise Marion, May 2013. The first one is Sunrise at the Ocean. I had the privilege of sitting on the beach one morning when the sun was coming up. It was beautiful. I took pictures, but was very disappointed when I saw them. They were all black and white or gray; no beautiful colors like in real life.

Rich said; it was because I was taking the pictures right into the sun and being a digital camera no matter what aperture I set it at it washed out the color. But I remember how beautiful every thing was. How the ocean was blue with green undertones and the sun reflecting across it all the way to the beach. I tried to capture that in this painting, as the sun rose it got bigger and the red streaked the sky and the water. The sparkles across the water from the sun and on the white caps that were coming in were magical. I call this painting Sunrise Over the Ocean. Rich says it looks like a Sand Spirit coming up from the sand. What ever you see; I hope you enjoy the beauty of the sun, sky and ocean along with the beach.

The second painting is titled Blossom. I used a new paint medium on the canvas which had sparkle fleck in it. It had to cure for 24 hours. The purple and pink of the flower flowed on nicely and doing the center with the end of the paint brush made it look more like the center of a plant. The sparkles cannot be seen on the computer image, but when this painting is hung and the light hits it shines in all directions.

The third painting is titled Rose. It is different shades of yellow since the Yellow Rose is my favorite because it stands for friendship. I also used the medium with sparkles on this canvas. Again, you cannot see the sparkles on the computer; but the effect is there on the actual painting, which has no pixel or color limitations. These colors worked nicely across this picture. Since the first picture is in oils, it has a spray finish on it used just for oils. The flowers have a clear gloss varnish finish on; just the flowers since the sparkles shine through it makes the flowers lovely.


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