Bicycle 3176A

DSCN6116-3176BBicycle Gearhead II

Mary Louise turned loose Navigator and Diesel Dark the Mutant Hybrid Tank Bicycle at Overlook Park, Tsienneto Rd, Derry NH where she had an appointment. Meet me at Lake Massabesic…

Off they went, East to the traffic rotary, then Northbound on NH-28 Bypass. Massabesic is eight miles up a handful of rolling hills in Auburn NH. We’d meet for lunch if the old guy could get there without falling off or crashing.

Navigator wants to climb hills bigger than those back home, parallel to the Atlantic Sea; where gravity is kind, although the gusting headwinds can be a drag. Lake Massabesic is 251 Feet above Sea Level, according to Google Maps. Mount Monadnock is 3166 Feet, Mount Washington is 6289 Feet.

The Navigator intends to transform into a Mountain Cyborg Biker Man. He’s read about Newton’s Revenge, the Mount Washington Hill Climb. He figures incremental training[beginning with handfuls of climbs minus downhill momentum] will get him somewhat ready by Year 2014. There’s no science to the notion, only faith and committment.

Diesel Dark has a 1×7 drivetrain. Chainring 34t with 13-28t Cogset in the back. That’s a 1.21 Low Gear. It’s enough for Massabesic. That last grade [in the photo] was climbed seated but it was hard. A fairly muscular 170 pound 63 year madman did not impress that hill at all. But he didn’t have to walk the bicycle either…

We had a nice lunch, put the two-wheeler in the car, and drove home to Hampton Town. Thirty miles away, next to the Atlantic Sea.

Lessons: (1) At 5’8″ twenty pounds must leave the man. (2) The aluminum bicycle will need to lose a little too, but it shall remain a bomb-proof daily driver. (3) Navigator ordered a 13-32t [1.06 Low Gear] 7-Speed Freewheel, Mountain Derailleur, and fresh 3/32 Chain. (4) Next time it will be a complete round trip, Lake to Derry NH and back. The math doesn’t matter too much, as long as the escalation of effort continues.

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