Hampton 3178A

By Mary L Marion – Sand Sculpture Festival Hampton Beach NH June 22-25, 2013DSCN6152-3178F

Childhood Memories           Legislated Liberty                 Infinity

The Annual Sand Sculpting at Hampton Beach was June 22 through June 25th.  There were 12 artists in the competition.  The three above were my favorites. Left to Right: Childhood Memories was very detailed. Lots of children’s toys, toy chest and a castle. The Legislated Liberty was very well done. The Eagle was grand, showing why it became our national symbol. The Judge’s Gavel was in good proportion. My husband believes the crumbling beneath the Gavel is symbolic.

The last one, called Infinity, won first place. It is an old man holding a young man with the hand of God coming through the sand to show how everything is related to everything else.

The Artists have 3 days of 8 hours each to complete their work. This week it was very hot but the artists were there each day working their magic.  There was a group of people who handed out pamphlets about the event and they answered questions. Like: where did the sand come from, how does the sculpture stay together, why doesn’t the rain wash them away?  It is special sand that is brought in and each artist get over 2 tons to work with. There are forms used to hold the sand in place, some are round, others are square or rectangular in shape. Each artist has their own set of tools to work with.

There were artists from Ohio (the Infinity Sculpture), Massachusetts (Liberty Sculpture), and someone from Canada created Childhood Memories. Other artists came from Wisconsin, and parts of Canada, which made the competition interesting.

This was the 13th Annual Sand Sculpting Contest here at Hampton Beach NH. The sand is special, with granite particles in it to hold the shapes. Elmers White Glue is also used to strengthen the sculptures. Every evening when finishing for that day the sculptures also were sprayed with the glue mixture. This year one of the artists gave lessons in sand sculpting, and if they do that next year I might take the class. I prefer to paint with oils or acrylics on canvas but it would be fun to try my hand at sculpting.


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