Bicycle 3183A

By Richard E Marion – The Tall Place130606_0002-3183E

Bicycle Pic by R E Marion. Aerial Map Data © 2013 Google

 The Navigator calls it The Tall Place. A 90 Degree bend, counter-clockwise, and up… A hundred feet or so… There’s not a lot of tall stuff on US 1A Northbound alongside the Atlantic Sea at North Hampton, NH.

Last summer, a Shapeshifter rescued Navigator from death at the hands of a Highwayman. To keep him alive, synthetic cybernetic memory was burned into his consciousness. It’s a delicate procedure. Requires a Seventh-Level Metal Magister.

Since 12th Century France; a period of Inquisition, Magisters ceased to advertise. Talk about synchronicity. Navigator was thankful to become a Bicycle Cyborg. Cautioned that the project was in Beta Phase; side-effects may include Elation, Terror, Road-Rash, and Non-Dualistic Cognitive Compression.

About Richard E & Mary L Marion

Independent Writers
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