Bicycle 3187A

130705_0001-3189ENorth Beach, Hampton NH USA

This photo was taken July 04, 2013. Where are the people? The people and their automobiles are primarily at the Beach Center, South of here between Boars Head and Hampton Harbor.

North Beach adamantly refuses to play along. An eroded retainer wall valiantly struggles suppressing a mosaic conglomerate Atlantic Sea: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Mystery.

When the tide is in, the huge boulders own the place.

Fifty yards in either direction the sands are dotted with Beach People: white, brown, and burnt with their colorful swimwear, kites, toys, towels.

In the winter, weather-proof bicycle riders pass by. Stalwart surfers defend a vast frigid borderline. Frequently the ocean breaches their defenses nearby the intersection of US-1A and NH-101E.

The air temperature at North Beach is noticeably cooler. It smells wonderful. Navigator pauses, thanking thinking of his two best friends: Mystical Mary Louise, and Dynamic Diesel Dark.

The Navigator is already restless. Swings a leg over Diesel Dark. The Bicycle stirs softly. Pushes off. Electrifying crystalline molecular metals. Animating willful flesh. Surging dreaming of decimated kingdoms and lost alchemy.

About Richard E & Mary L Marion

Independent Writers
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