Bicycle 3203A

130721_0007-3202GBicycle Shaman

Diesel Dark The Bicycle is a 6061 Aluminum Frame and 4130 Chromoly Front Fork. Some bicycles have souls and some do not. A bicycle’s soul is ALWAYS the Frame & Fork.

Diesel Dark was rescued from a purgatorial prison retailer by The Navigator and his Clairvoyant Accomplice. They saw the bicycle’s spiritual potential. Paid the ransom with some of their last dollars and took Diesel Dark home.

After wilderness wandering they encountered a Bicycle Shaman working undercover in a nearby village called Port’s Mouth. His name is Michael.

Bicycle Shamans are virtually extinct: Psychic Mind-Readers. Wicked Wrenchers. Consummate Teachers. Forcible. They bend the laws of Physics and Economics.  Curb the Demons Of Chaos.

Besides the Frame & Fork, His Soul… All that’s left of the Pre-Transfigured Hybrid Machine is Saddle, Bottom Bracket, Headset, and Front Wheel. Pictured: SRAM 11-34 9-Speed Cassette spun by SURLY 34t Single Stainless Chainwheel.

The syncretic all-year commuter machine flies uphill at 86 Gear Inches and climbs walls at 28 Gear Inches. Particularly nice around town are the middle three cogs 17-20-23. Towns are fun fast easy. Powered by the Cyborg Biker Torquer Beast, A.K.A. The Navigator…

Thank You, Mike. Friends Richard E, Mary L, Diesel D.


About Richard E & Mary L Marion

Independent Writers
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