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Photo – The Canadian Rockies by Mary L Marion

285768-r1-013-5Originally published at 2012-02-23

The Canadian Rockies as seen through the window of a plane June 19, 2004.

In June of 2004 I went to Alaska and flew out from Boston, MA to Vancouver, Canada. The flight took us over the Canadian Rockies. They were beautiful all capped with snow and they must have been tall because from the window it seemed like we could almost touch them and we were 42 thousand feet up.

I was amazed at how close they looked. I took a total of 4 pictures and noticed rivers and flat land but all of the pictures have the mountains in them.

I have always been amazed at how much beauty God has given us to see no matter where we go or how we get there. He first made the land, then divided it into sections with the oceans and then put the mountains in. How did He know where to put the mountains? Why did He put the rivers where they are? As for the rest of the land why is it not totally flat?

These are questions I plan to ask Him when I get to heaven. I am sure He will laugh but He will tell me how the plan came together because He loves me. I am so thankful for His Love and the beauty of the land whether it be the ocean, the mountains or flat land in Kansas all of it is beautiful.

I am a nature photographer taking pictures of all the beauty we have to enjoy. My photography teacher said I took more pictures than any one else in the class. That is because I took the picture from every angle I could think of. Different focal lengths and vertical as well as horizontal. On the trip in 2001 I took 50 rolls of film all had 26 pictures on them.

In Alaska I took 45 rolls of film 10 rolls were 36 exposure so I took more pictures that were probably necessary, BUT, like my teacher said taking more pictures ensures that at least a few of them will be worthy of hanging in a gallery some day.


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