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Originally published at 2012-04-08
Formal Garden New Bern, NC

This photo was taken at the Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC in September 2008. This is an English type of formal garden, made by the governor who ran NC in the 1700′s had the garden planted and it has been cared for by the Historical society since the Revolutionary War first by the Governor who used the palace as their place of residence then in the 1900s by the Historic Society of New Bern, NC.

English Formal Gardens are done in a rectilinear design which are found at many stately homes in England.  The simplest formal gardens were box-trimmed hedges that lined or enclosed carefully laid out flower gardens of simple geometric shapes. The more elegant gardens include statuary and fountains which this garden at the Tryon Palace do as can be seen with the statuary on the outer edges of the garden and the fountain in the middle.

I have always loved taking photographs of nicely laid out gardens and any time I go to a southern plantation and see their well laid out gardens I make sure to take pictures. The gardens here in NH like the Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH is not a formal garden but every year the Portsmouth Garden club plants a beautiful garden of many dozens of flower varieties. This garden gives hundreds of visitors many hours of beauty from Spring into winter.

The Prescott Garden also has a stage and many concerts are held there. I will post a picture of that garden next week so you can see the many beautiful flowers that are planted there. It is not a formal garden and is called simply a flower garden.

Enjoy this photo of the English Formal Garden and imagine yourself walking through it. I pretended I was in England at a lovely estate and took the time to look at all the trimmed hedges. I looked at each statue, stopped to admire the fountains, there are three. I also stopped at the gazebo and sat on the bench and enjoyed the beauty. I also toured the flower gardens that went with this formal garden. There is also an acre of well cut grass that was lovely and green going to the river from the formal garden.

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