CyberZF 3274A

Image By Richard E & Mary L Marion, Nikon COOLPIX, Paint.Net v3.5.113274A

From his Place Of Light, Vitor Tausk scanned Parrot Cove. The twin gazebos marking Golden Park. Soon the morning sunlight would reflect off the Nitride Titanium structures named Bent and Red honoring the Egyptian Pyramids of Memphis. Except made of metal. Beneath them people rested and meditated upon 3000 Nautical Miles called The Atlantic.

Seventeen Cog Gear whirring bending the exotic synthesis known as Diesel Dark Mutated Bicycle + Navigator Randall Dee. Earth’s solar orb and primary deity edged and latched onto a resonance point. Triangulated the connection. Jacob… Vitor Tausk’s place was called Jacob… began its daily broadcast in frequencies including gravity and motion.

Fat Brass, Brilliant Percussion, and the angel voice of Aaron Neville:
“You know life is too short lord… To have sorrow…
“You may be here today… May gone tomorrow…
“So go on and live…”

Nonetheless Diesel/Dee left behind ineffable tears. Thought about Jason Hess. Slammed the steel chainwheel even harder, turning anticlockwise around the final curve crunching gravel and flint. There it waited, Vitor’s home. Like a place in upstate New York, it was a three story gambrel gabled encircled by a doric columned porch. Like The Shanley Hotel.

Something odd was happening. Jason Hess had remained at beta stage in the process due to a complication, an unintended consequence which had prevented him from upgrading to a code complete version shared by Dee and Tausk. Jason Hess was disappearing:

Like fountain ink through a thin paper page, Hess was seeping into another realm.

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