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Image By Mary L Marion & Nikon Film Camera – Writing By Mary L Marionmarion7-r4-046-21a

Originally published at 2012-03-25
Beautiful Flower

Nature is so beautiful. This photo was taken 3 or 4 years ago on one of my fall walks. It was taken with my Nikon N90 with the 35 to 85mm lens on film. I did not have my Nikon small digital camera then. I sometimes miss the different perspective I get from my lenses. The COOLPIX has a small focal length lens built into the camera but it is not the same. The small camera is more readily available and easier to carry so I can take longer walks, and I can take more pictures and delete those that I don’t like or don’t think are good enough. BUT when they are deleted that perspective is gone forever so I seldom delete and have hundreds of probably poor images taking up computer space.

I am so thankful for the beautiful nature God has provided for us. Now that Spring is here it is wonderful to go for a walk and look at the trees and see the buds starting to turn into green that will become leaves soon. This year because of the strange and warm winter we have had, the plants are flowering earlier. This morning I noticed many Forsythia’s in full bloom. Their cheerful yellow blooms brought a real smile to my face. If it had been a sunny day I would have taken many pictures. So tomorrow when the sun is out that is what I will be doing.

I love taking long walks and taking lots of photographs of all plants, trees, rocks, ponds, streams, sky and clouds. I am always excited to turn a corner and see a beautiful flower like the one above. Walking in Nature makes me calm, fills me with happiness and gives me inner strength to go through a stressful day. Nature can take our breath away. Like walking along the beach seeing how the sun glances off the ocean and how it sparkles. Or taking a walk along a garden path and seeing all the different plants and how they bloom differently. All the different subtle shades in each flower. Look at the flower above, there are eight different shades of pink and purple in that one bloom. That is amazing to me.

Be sure to take a walk and look at a tree this week then go again in a few days and be amazed at how many of the buds have grown and are starting to open. I am going to pick a tree and follow it budding progression for the next six weeks. I know just the four trees I want to do that for. I will share the photos here on this blog site so keep watching. Be sure to get outside and walk let nature calm your inner self look for the beauty and when you see it take it inside of yourself with your inner eye and in times of stress close your eyes and remember that moment and you can calm yourself with that wonderful memory.


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