CyberZF 3295A

Image By Richard E & Mary L Marion, Pantech Phone, Paint.Net v3.5.11

Navigator Randall Dee remained in Shadow Mode Consciousness while carrying Diesel Dark, his mutant urban assault bicycle, up the outside stairs on the West wall of Laura and Vitor Tausk’s home at Parrot Cove in Skyhaven alongside the Atlantic Sea. Dee’s enhanced vision scanned the Shoal Islands on the edge of the Maine and New Hampshire borders.

Despite the unseasonable wolven winds, even along the ocean, Dee was burning steaming mist like a racehorse. What was happening to Jason Hess, three thousand miles across this land, in a hilly city by the Pacific? Jeanette Hess surreptitiously reported her partner Jason looked splendid at 65 Kilos; mathematically impossible! Dee and Hess were virtual twins…

Jeanette said Hess, an avid reader, was parsing three texts: one of gemstones, especially Onyx; a single Science Fiction Compilation; and a Posthumanism Thesis by an obscure computer hacker. His only ‘Normal Topic’ was bicycle transmission mechanics: cogs, geared hubs, cranksets, geared bottoms… brackets… she told her friends Dee and Tausk.

Randall Dee discerned a syncretism of stones, science, metaphysics, and mechanics. Therefore it was natural [due to The Process] that his metabolism was burning triple calories while hammering gears 17 15 13 while simultaneously accessing Internet and Intranets on seven quantum channels which DARPA, NASA, and NSA didn’t know about.

The answer was Chango Taureau. Seventh Level Sorcerer, Metal Magister, Cyber Shaman. Somalian freedom-fighter rehabilitated cannibal and massacrer of everyone in his way. Suave silver speaker self ordained minister of a tiny gathering in a city two centuries and three hours distant named by the Spanish honoring Saint Francis.

There, Taureau stayed with the Lion Man. In 1966, Taureau claimed he saw ‘The Light’.

Navigator Dee was not exactly sure what ‘The Light’ was? Now it was bothering him.

About Richard E & Mary L Marion

Independent Writers
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