CyberZF 3310A

Image By Richard E & Mary L Marion Pantech Phone Paint.Net v3.5.11
Sunset – Boars Head – Hampton NH USA – 2013-11-03 16:173310A

Parody Not Oneself…ZF

Jason Hess’s Grand Room faced West perfectly aligned with the sun sinking into sea.

Hess was planning dreaming a tomorrow : Death Valley California USA. Furnace Creek to Badwater. 42 Miles. 3.5 Hours Max. A bicycle known as Event Horizon he and Jeanette Hess would load into a unique C2 Corvette widened and lengthened: likely the only C2 Machine existing capable of hauling two people plus a MonsterCross.

Bike frame 6061 Aluminum + Chromoly personally crash-validated. Hess’s face and body had assisted that frame. Chainwheel 34 x 11-34 Cogwheels. Short Flat Bars very Un-Hip. Two odd 700C wheels spinning stiff 47-MM Continental Tourings that did match. Reactive ride alive brutal stiff would pound hell out of many. Not Jason Mutant Cyborg Cycler.

Jason Hess was an Engineer forced to evolve. One day Jason met Chango Taureau at Lion Man’s Lair: an open-plan undivided attic level space San Francisco California Street. The temperature became ice. Although midday, and glazing amply randomly situated, Sun Fire striding the Ocean Sky dimmed reverentially. Winds shrieked joyfully. Gravity abated.

Jeanette Hess caught her breath. Taureau, black as onyx, a former soldier of lands half a world apart, untouchable as history; evoked all things with souls surrounding him to shine spectrally. He also could remain as motionless as steel sculpture, then move flowing like a sinewed stream of tidal waters with triangular highlights and tangible momentum.

Taureau was refreshing, cordial, and cryptic. Jeanette, a Psychic Medium, watched Taureau watching Jason Hess. Jason could detect Spirit, but couldn’t focus… like a cosmic myopia. Was it a vibrational deficiency? Jason was an astounding Weather-Conjurer. He also could make machinery run smoother; not too proud to anoint with oils and touch.

Chango Taureau informed Hess he was a Metal Magister. What’s a Metal Magister?

They talk to Machines. They went underground. After the 12th Century Inquisition.

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