CyberZF 31127A

Image by Richard E & Mary L Marion Pantech Phone Paint.Net v3.5.11
Midday – Ocean Avenue – Hampton NH USA – 2013-11-20

Timing Is Everything…ZF
Written by Richard E Marion

Jason Hess asked Taureau would he speak with Event Horizon, Hess’s custom bicycle? Horizon, a Syncretic Wonder, had already spoken; explained the Seventh Level Magister.

Jason Hess had an exceptional ability at unexpected double-talk. And what did he SAY… then wondered if  this question would be misinterpreted as callousness by a Seventh Level.

Event Horizon wishes to re-live Dimensional Shifting. That day two as one alive, fading: witnessed azure, and white gulls, consumed by dark fire. Asphalt and stone reaching to grind you both into paste. Lasted forever. Vanished immediately. Taureau continued…

Then, in the evening Jeanette Hess, you asked him; was not the fear eclipsed by brilliance beyond all shades of white? A painter’s canvas rainbow world where all scientists skeptics heretics and gods combined their resources…

Merging limited bandwidth of words culture and consciousness, seeing with a single mind’s eye, penning ineffability on book paper thinner than atoms, heavier than the sea…

Jeannette Hess cut to the quick of Chango Taureau’s narrative, as psychic mediums by virtue of talent and drastic impatience must:

Jason speculated if men turn into dust, machines become oxide, bytes de-magnetize; then A REMEDY must be found. Or the world would disappear. A Singularity. Soon. Jeannette watched the two strange men gazing back at her expectantly…

She huffed. Even mind-readers can’t understand MEN! Then… asked Taureau?

Then, Jason began talking about a Michael living in Port’s Mouth. Near the Atlantic Sea. Jason told me Michael was a master of machinery; but Michael didn’t yet know he was.

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