Bryce Canyon – 1
Image By Mary L Marion & Nikon Film Camera – Written By Mary L Marion
marion4-r6-052-24a-640-204Originally published at 2012-05-11

Bryce Canyon, Utah. The year was 2001 May. This canyon is beautiful beyond words. Looking out over the Hoodoos in the picture on the left. Beyond that is more of Utah but in some ways it looks like the ocean. Blue with white caps. The sky in Utah as well as Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico is a more beautiful blue than here in New England. My most wonderful husband says that is because of the elevation. Being closer up makes it clearer.

In the right-hand picture the rock formations look like a castle. Again the far distance is mountains and sky. My sister and I spent 3 days exploring the canyon and I took many rolls of film all at different angles and using different focal lengths of my lens.

I took one roll of Black and white also; it came out quite nicely. The black and white pictures remind me of Ansel Adams’s work. He is a photographer that I have always admired for his black and white renditions of nature.


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