Image by Mary L Marion — Nikon Digital Camera — Paint.Net v3.5.11
Afternoon North Hampton Beach NH USA 2014-01-03

Week One of January 2014 brought sub-zero temperatures for several days.

There was a large storm called Hercules that came through, and the ocean had waves up to 15 feet high which made them jump the sea wall and freezing as it went back to the ocean.

This picture shows the ice which is about 5 to 6 inches thick along the wall into the stair well down to the beach. This is at North Beach on Ocean Blvd in North Hampton NH. The ice made this wall have barracuda teeth all along it. The railing is solid ice. While taking the picture it was wind chill factor minus 23 degrees. The stairs had 3 or 4 inches of ice on them and I did not try to walk down them to get to the beach.

Off in the distance you can see the beach itself is solid ice. Nature is amazing. The storm took almost a complete day to go through the area and it left beautiful ice behind. It was sparkling and actually breathtaking. Yes it was cold, windy and dangerous ice every where.

The people living across the street from the ocean were worried it would make it all the way to them but they were lucky it stopped right in the middle of the road. There was significant damage leaving pot holes all along the sea wall.

Winter is not a favorite time for many people but I think it gives us a different look at what weather can do. Cold and water will make beautiful ice which will sparkle in the sunshine, even though it is white looking closely you can see the blue through out.

Within a week all the ice was melted and riding along Ocean Blvd one would never know the beauty that had been there just a week ago.

Yes, winter is harsh at times but it is beautiful too. Next time look through your camera lens and get a different perspective. You too may find the beauty.

As I write this we are getting another snow storm which will drop several inches of new fresh snow, so tomorrow when the sun shines the world will look clean and new. Enjoy!

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