Image by Mary L Marion — Nikon Digital Camera — Paint.Net v3.5.11DSCN7094A

Incoming Tide at Boars Head — Hampton NH USA — January 2014

On January 4th it was a cold beautiful sunny day here in Hampton, NH. It was Minus 10 degrees with wind chill minus 20 or more. BUT: It was BEAUTIFUL. The sun was shining and the Ocean was ALIVE.

We’d taken a ride to the Atlantic Ocean to see its beauty. The cold did not matter to me because I was in the Spirit of God looking at one of His most beautiful creations, The Ocean. The colors were vibrant and shiny. There were at least three different shades of blue, two different shades of green, a gray, and another two browns not to mention the foam from the waves.

The tide was coming in it was 3PM in the afternoon on this beautiful day. My camera uses a lot of battery power in the cold so I took about five pictures then shut it off and put it in the case for a few minutes then I had to take it out again because more beauty was coming my way! Five more pictures, then back into the case which was next to my body inside my coat for warmth. I was hoping to maintain the battery power that seeps out fast during extremely cold weather.

This picture was breathtaking to me. The blues and greens of the ocean and the tide coming in fast bringing with it wave upon wave. The white foam was whiter than usual it seemed. We were at Boars Head in North Beach Hampton. If you look closely you can see the start of four waves towards the front of the picture, but look at the point of Boars Head; there’s  another wave with beautiful sparkly foam crashing into the point.

My most wonderful husband said it is cold out here are you finished? I was but I did not want to leave the beauty, although it was not safe to stay out any longer. We began to walk back to the car and I turned one more time to see the magnificence, and give thanks to God for all of it.

I am very grateful for the invention of cameras and for the way to capture beauty in an image format. So many times I get home and look at the pictures and yes, they are pretty but to me the true beauty that I saw with my eyes is not there. My husband disagrees with me; adding that I take great photographs, then share them with people, bringing them joy.

Enjoy this perfect sunny day at the Atlantic Ocean in a very cold January.

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