140204_0002ABoars Head at NH Route 1A Southbound—Hampton NH USA—February 2014

—Richard E Marion’s flip-side view of Wife Mary L Marion’s January 4th Boars Head Photo taken exactly one month later in February 2014—

Richard E Marion Bicycles year-round in the Hampton NH Area. Exactly a month ago today, January 4th was merely days beyond the December Solstice. The wind chill on that bicycle was razor-edged, cutting into ‘Winter Rated’ [Ha!] work gloves. Freeze-Dried fingers are not the best tool for sustaining a Life-Grip on narrow handle bars navigating frost heaves, pot holes, plus asphalt and macadam bits strewn across NH Route 1A.

The Navigator rode back home: Got the Chevy, wife Mary Louise, and her Nikon Camera. The return trip resulted in Mary Lou’s January 4th Boars Head Photo Blog.

Today, daylight is noticeably lengthening. The Vernal Equinox is March 20th, 2014… Not quite halfway there to Springtime but who’s counting? The Rider and Bicycle Diesel Dark stopped and engaged the Pantech P2030 Cell Phone: made three photo exposures, and then enhanced the pristine image with his favorite [Elegant AND Free] Paint.Net v3.5.11 Photo Software. The Navigator, A.K.A. Richard E, cannot leave well enough alone…

We, Mary L & Richard E, agree. There’s a lot of big boulders and reefs defending Boars Head from the vast momentous Atlantic Sea. That little point at the very end can be seen in both the North and South Photos. The lighting enhanced the lovely real estate in her January 4th photo; and in this February 4th picture, a little later in the day, a silhouette effect conjures a ghostly blue-gray giant battleship defending the land against the tide.

There are many more little white-capped tips of water on the more delicate January 4th Northern View. Today’s picture depicts that massive concrete retaining wall consuming the foreground. Although the sea-stones here are larger and more numerous, they are not enough to stop the Nor’easters from drowning the road. Actually, neither can the wall…

The Atlantic Sea is beautiful. And: so strong, one can FEEL the incoming tides, even with eyes shut tight. The Nor’easters transfigure  the ocean into a Rough Beast. Visit The Ocean.

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