MLM – Lane Library


A Free Psychic Reading By
Mary Lou Marion — Spiritual Medium
Saturday March 8th, Join Spirit Chasers Paranormal
for an afternoon of Paranormal Fun at the
Lane Memorial Library
2 Academy Ave, Hampton NH
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM.  Doors open at 12:30

This event is to benefit the NHSPCA Of Stratham NH. A suggested donation of $7.00, 100% of which will go to the NHSPCA for the care and feeding of their animals.

Other featured hosts include:
—  Pete Donovan of NH Ghost.
—  Jason Robito, Ouija board collector and Historian.
—  Christine LeClair & Dan Peer from Connecticut Paranormal Research Team.
—  Spirit Chasers Team: Willy Hassell, Jim Ashworth, Laura Ashworth, & Lynne Nickerson.

Mary Lou’s Bio:
Born in New Hampshire, Mary Louise Marion grew up in a ‘Military Family’. She lived and attended schools in many places in the US. Having been born prematurely and tiny at birth, she demonstrated an extreme
energy to persevere, learn, and help those she loves.

Her background is eclectic. She has worked in Nursing, Human Resources, and Office Administration. Her husband insists that she can type faster than anyone. She practices Photography, and Painting with Acrylic and Oils. She loves visiting and bringing gifts to all her family and friends.

Mary Louise defines her Mediumship as a form of empathy with those who consult her, combined with a perception of Spirit, who exists in other places. Her gift began after a single NDE (Near Death Experience), combined with a progression of OBEs (Out of Body Experiences). She insists she had not planned it, or even looked for it. It merely happened.

Ideally, Mary Louise starts by meeting the person and sketching an Auragraph on white paper; although she sometimes just converses with them on her telephone. Next, Mary Louise will express gratitude for all blessings, and closes her eyes. Then, “It merely happens,” she explains.

Her variety of Mediumship is of Clairvoyance; meaning she sees Spirit in the here and now, but not solidly; they appear to her as ‘See Through People’. They speak directly to her, this is known as Clairaudience; sometimes in a familiar language, and other times she has to ask them to rephrase what they mean.

For information contact

About Richard E & Mary L Marion

Independent Writers
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