140408_0001BOrange Sky Black Jet–Acrylics
Mary L Marion

Rich had a concept for a story based on what he had seen while at work one morning.

At 4 AM one morning while checking the perimeter of the building he was doing guard duty and he looked up in the sky and noticed it was starting to change with the coming of daylight. The dark sky was still above him mostly to the right with gradations into dark blue, dark gray, gray, dark violet and then a streak of orange closest to the horizon. At that moment a jet, probably from one of the airports near the town flew through the orange sky. Because of the time of morning (night) it was black with a green glow from the windows.

This started his creative writer’s mind going. Orange Sky Black Jet could be a story about another group of people traveling to this planet trying to find a better place to live. The story percolated in his brain for a couple of days and he wished he had a picture to put with the story. He looked at the pictures we have taken on our walks at the beach only two miles from our home. He took one and did his magic on it using the computer and a paint/photo program.  But he had the concept and when he explained it to me I could see what he was thinking so I asked him if I could do a concept painting of what he was thinking.

We worked on the concept together on plain paper then I got my canvas and paints out and created the painting. Total time was about three hours from start to finish. I consulted with him about an industrial spotlight shining up toward the sky and about the stars.

The next day after the painting had cured for twenty-four hours I put a protective coat of varnish on it. This painting is my concept of his concept of what he saw that early morning.

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