MCX – Cycle – Jun10


Custom Bicycle Build – Design & Specification by Mike Conlon – York ME USA

1984 Trek 890 – first of the hybrids. Custom rehab…

There’s always that sentimental bike, roadside find, barn bike, or bike-manna from Heaven of a bike that falls into your life. Maybe with beat parts, but a hidden gem. This is one of them.

The 1984 Trek 890 is a first and rare stab at the hybrid bike, manufactured  in low quantities for one year only. Hand-brazed in the USA. Road-bike Reynolds 501 steel tubing and lug construction with extended chainstay mtn bike geometry, Came stock with a rear rack; this current Custom Rehab klunker is begging for a front Wald basket. Or gear it  back up for a comfy, stable ride across the USA…

New cruiser coaster brake wheels, grips, tires, tubes, saddle, pedals, chainring, pintle half-link chain; vintage Trek 890 frameset, seatpost, stem, handlebars, crane-style bell, cranks; rebuilt headset and bottom bracket. This thing was stripped to the frame and professionally rebuilt with new and vintage parts.

$200.00 Affordable customs. Includes box of OEM take-off parts. Diacompe brakes/levers; Suntour Cyclone derailleurs and the like.

This bike for sale – what YOU got for Custom Rehab…?

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