MCX – Cycle – Jul22


MT Agamenticus, York, Maine versus Sky Pilot
Rescued by Bicycle Shaman Mike Conlon

Sky Pilot, A.K.A. This Writer should know better by now…

Diesel Dark is a Custom Bicycle Build by Mike Conlon who performs magic at Berger’s Bike Shop in York Maine, USA.

The Machine is approaching mechanical perfection. A strong rider could make it to the summit of Mt Agamenticus with its wide-range 1:1 rear gearing. Shaman Mike made this ride on his classic steel bike with fenders and lighting!

Sky Pilot is not as strong as he thought. He could blame it on incipient antiquity, or the heavy 42-MM puncture resistant tires, or the few remaining weighty OEM Parts that will be replaced, or the tall wheels. But. He MUST get stronger AND weigh less. Fortunately…

Shaman Mike saved this day. There’s now a little Granny Gear cog in that first Chainwheel location that wasn’t there before. Sky Pilot, the Old Guy, subsequently made it to the top with his new 18 Gear-Inch bottom ratio. It’s a KEEPER.

Right Now per Mike’s recommendation, The Sky Pilot will ‘manual move’ the chain from the 32-t Chainwheel to the 20-t Granny in Mountain Land. Because, even an elderly operator [managing a ‘Big Scary Security Guard’ persona] has no problem using just the middle ring and top five gears in Hampton NH. But…  it’s that ‘Gearhead’ affliction…

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