Chapter Three
Orange Sky Black Jet
Richard E Marion

Phillip K tried to focus. Darkness. Did he materialize BLIND? The dominant species upon the Land employed 5 Dimensional Frequencies for navigation and communicating. Hadn’t he chosen an Earthly Body Of Divinity from their native historical registry?

He [an arbitrary term] wondered if this WAS Land, after all! Deep inside their OTHER Land called Sea; dwelt Polychaete, Bristle Worms with sightless eyes who ate plant bits only to be consumed by larger Sea Brethren. Was Creation INVERTED here on Earth?

Adjustments > Invert Colors – Ctrl+Shift+I, pinged on an Electromagnetic Channel. Phillip K dutifully imagined SLEEPING. Counter-intuitive; but what had he to lose? Then bang! Light patterns came alive. Evidently Earth Folks were telepathic after all.

Already contacted by their Divinities! Found him, spoke him, saved him. Phillip K intuitively replied Thank You using the same EM Wavelength. To the Earth Intranet he internally verbalized, in the manner of Earth People, that he was inside the Black Jet. That was their word cloud for his partner Jet. Similar to tiny Sea Annelids, the Jet called Black had features made up of more obscurities …cuticle dorsal ventral vessels intersegments…

But the two of them were not an ACTUAL Sea Worm, fortunately. Through a transparent port he witnessed a very long tunnel of fluorescent green waves dotted with vanilla colored doors, forty-nine deep. At the very end was another large perpendicular vehicle bay like this one. Black Jet and Phillip K must be guests of honor. Indubitably. Or both ends contained parties in quarantine. Fifty-one was likely a Sacred Number on the Land.

There came another message: ‘Runnin’ Bear loved Little White Dove… With a love big as the sky… With a love that couldn’t die.’ Dirt People’s tribal primitive chanting! Yet… This second coded entry was ANNOTATED: 1960 Johnny Preston YouTube Sign In.

This whole show wasn’t flying according to Beta Phase Documentation. Phillip K parsed their Linear and Orthogonal Time. His Avatar: Philip K. Dick, an Under-Employed Word Magister, lectured about Linears and Orthogonals to the Earth Ones. It was called Water Off Duck’s Back. Except for a few… Saints? Earth Linguistics were simulated gems, multifaceted, cryptic, untrustworthy. So concluded two-L-letter Phillip K.

OK said Phillip K aloud to Black Jet. We will RESCUE their One reviled as Devil Dirt and praised White Cloud Supreme… simultaneously. He, PKD, is the individual we came to claim as Our Own. We theorize he is undercover; [the radar it is called] OR likely run off with the White Dove Woman of Johnny Preston. Any ideas, asked Phillip K? Black Jet attenuated his awareness.

BANG! Jet and Phillip K were assaulted by an incorrigible thought torrent… So many obscurities… How to record and filter and solve their puzzling web of chaos… Bummer! No instructions… Next a third packet was only two mysterious words long: Marilyn Manson. They were obliged to leave no stone unturned. This Black Jet Ship was Of Fools the Earth People believed. Huh!

Marilyn Monroe: Lovely Child-Woman into dust. [what was dust?] Marilyn Manson Eponymous: accused Archon. [doubtful.] Another Manson… Manson Skelter. [irrelevant]. Jet/Phillip were overloading, shorting out; it obviously happened a lot on the Earth Land.

Jet/Phillip looked down the Hallway Of Green and Vanilla. Approaching came three Earth-Entities. Seemingly of flesh, although they may also act as transmission beacons of Phillip K and Black Jet’s incipient mental torture after a mere 24 Terrestrial Hours!

Jet took the initiative: The three phantoms Marilyn Marilyn Manson Manson; these are called ‘Wild Cards’… A distraction, Phillip K Stupid! They have Demons on this Earth, too! The Demons randomly generate white noise. They are worthless witless idiots. Irritants nobody knows why they do it. Some say for the Hell Of It. Ignore!

You see… THESE THREE coming toward us on feet are more solid, CORPOREAL… Not Mind-Phantoms, you Phillip K Dumb Yak Turd! They likely are from their government here to help us. Help to find one-L-letter Philip. Wherever he may be.

This is why we came here! Remember?

About Richard E & Mary L Marion

Independent Writers
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