REM – Story – May27

140204_0002DChapter Four
Orange Sky Black Jet
Richard E Marion

Phillip K contained the Fear. Maximum Strength Fear. Corporeal within the Black Jet deep inside Level Zero of  the Arielle Facility, Phillip K noted three layers of shielding did not attenuate the Fear-Flow whatsoever. Collating Data: the source was Louise Dee. She would be either flash-frozen or exploded into bits. The Fear must be gone at all costs.

Phillip K was an Exolinguist; parsing their speech patterns, concluding the Human Language although inexact and smudgy, expressed the dumb beasts rather eloquently. It turned out the Sea Sprites; migrant wraiths much more familiar to Phillip K, were not the supreme life-form after all! These mud-people had dominion. Bad. Very bad.

The three creatures he [It began calling Itself ‘He’] identified as Louise Dee, Randall Dee, and Michael Matheson. They continued moving toward Phillip K and Black Jet. An audible spectrum seeped through the transparent ports of the Black Jet, thankfully less intrusive than the painful green illumination burning. Openings at their top sections moved in sync.

They proceeded without mechanical assistance. Quite gracefully! He would leave his Machine, Black Jet; shrink it and store it away. Black Jet might be harmonically increasing the tonal and visual emissions. He was sent to study them first, after all. Then kill them.

There was no dishonor retreating until he gathered strength enough to finish them off. Leary [before transfiguring into Black Jet] suggested removing the three primitives, along with their identical twins so-called Synthetics, might be enough to tip the delicate balance. Didn’t they protrude ‘like sore thumbs’? Stop their plague of darkness. Cleanse.

Lilly inside his mind: a softly soothing string symphony. Overlaying, nullifying these three’s primitive patterings. Lilly and Leary… It required the two of them to manage Black Jet complexification in this sector. GET OUT!

Phillip K surveyed the Black Jet cabin; a suspended mass, floating in a thick dark viscous material; crumpled and shedding little pieces. It’s your body, Leary and Lilly informed him nonchalantly. The Earth-Beasts continued approaching. His partners mentioned a situation of dwindling resources, emotional stress, atrophy, and radiation problems en route to this world; and the workaround. Phillip K realized he was seeing his own body!

Phillip K had been installed inside a container made of soft slimy organic material, with an operating system of Earthly DNA and Metaprogramming distilled from the tiny but exceptional Louise Dee’s mind frequencies! In other words…

Phillip K was inside a Human Shell. Battered in transit, right after reconstitution, by unexpected G-Forces. Worse yet: the Louise Dee Database prepared by scanning at quicker than Light-Speed in an Orthogonal Universe, installed incompletely, corrupted.

Meaning… Phillip K inquired?  You are damaged. Leary and Lilly confirmed. There’s a Fixit Tool. Hide the Black Jet. Run away. We’ll ping you. A remedy algorithm. Wait.

Phillip K panicked, a human emotion! If you can’t? The Black Jet was gone. Leary and Lilly’s telepathic communion fading, crinkling; yet it calmed Phillip K: We always do.

About Richard E & Mary L Marion

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